Can This Food Help Fight COVID-19?

Can This Food Help Fight COVID-19?

( – Researchers have several theories on how to fight COVID-19, but most of them have hit dead ends or fail to show consistent results. That’s led some scientists to think outside the box and look beyond the prescription pad. Now, one group may have found a clue that could help balance the scales.

See How Beets Could Help Fight COVID-19.

A New Weapon for the Arsenal

COVID-19 has proven itself a difficult foe. One after another, the most promising treatments have failed our sickest patients. Now, doctors are considering options that extend far beyond traditional medicine – including one compound called nitric oxide.

Not to be confused with nitrous oxide, the gas dentists use to sedate people for dental procedures, nitric oxide is an incredibly important nutrient. It helps the body improve cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation while helping to lower your risk for certain cancers. New research shows it may also have the power to knock out COVID-19 infections, too.

According to one study, this powerful compound may be effective in preventing, treating and reducing the severity of extreme coronavirus cases. On top of actually fighting off the virus, nitric oxide may play a role in protecting people from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), blood clots and other deadly symptoms.

Beets: The Right Food for the Job

What makes this discovery so exciting is that you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on supplements or prescription pills to see some benefits. Plenty of whole foods contain the building blocks our bodies need to make nitric oxide “in-house.” Beets are especially rich in this important substance.

It’s easy to add beets to your diet – and not just the pickled or boiled kind, either. Try beet juice for a concentrated boost of nutrients. Or, add raw beets to a salad with dark leafy greens, as these also boost nitric oxide production. You can also roast them or turn them into a healthy borscht instead.

There are other benefits to eating more beets, too. These delectably sweet root vegetables may help with post-workout recovery, making it easier for you to bounce back from exercise and build muscle. Some studies also show that eating beets can help prevent high blood pressure or stabilize blood glucose levels. They may even be especially beneficial for people who suffer from diabetes.

And if you do still become sick in spite of your diet additions? Those delectable little spheres may still help survive without lasting health problems.

Who’d have thought one of our greatest potential weapons against COVID-19 might lie in a root vegetable? Consider adding more beets to your diet. They may save your life.

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