7 New Coronavirus Symptoms You Need To Know

Are You at Risk for Post-COVID Stress Disorder?
Young woman in pink virus mask looking sad from the window behind glass pane, touching it with hand. Quarantine or stay at home to be safe during coronavirus covid-19 outbreak concept

(AscendHealthy)- COVID-19 certainly took the world by storm and turned our lives upside down. While it’s been more than a year, we still don’t know everything there is to know about how it works or what it can do. Particularly as new mutations keep showing up around the world.

Scientists and researchers are still diligently studying the effects of the Coronavirus. As we learn more about the virus, more symptoms are being uncovered. While some symptoms have similarities to the cold or flu, such as a cough or fever, other symptoms are more unusual — and could be dangerous if left untreated!

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